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Bev Design Varberg

BEV Design is a design company completely dedicated to 100% handcrafted unique interior design products. With the approach of using locally sourced materials, services and a real commitment to giving a more authentic and human touch to the interior design market.

My name is Bevan Cuthbertson and I am an Australian living in Sweden. My passion for design and quality construction began in Australia where I worked as a builder for 8 years on architectural and high end homes in Byron Bay, Australia. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, my obsession for refining design and creating products that are truly unique and long lasting began.

I offer a comfortable experience where clients can present their ideas, design requirements, concerns and create a great working relationship. I don’t simply provide a set line of products, I provide you with the ability  to have completely custom made projects to suit any style or purpose you may desire.

Feel free to contact me for any future projects, no matter how out of the ordinary it is!!

Bevan Cuthbertson 0768834882

Bevan Cuthbertson

"Hey Im an Australian living and working in Sweden with a passion for design and construction. I love challenging jobs that really push me to further my techniques to really make something special ”

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